Strategic Planning:

Your long term plans for technology should be as well thought-out as your business plans. Are you getting the most effective use of your existing technology platforms, and looking at new solutions as they become available? We can provide a strategy session and network audit to put your mind at ease.

Project Support:

New business processes may require advanced solutions that can’t be implemented with internal resources. We can take on all or part of a large project, to help you achieve the required results, on time and within budget.

Staff Augmentation:

Businesses depend on customers, suppliers and those involved in day-to-day operations getting what they need, when they need it – and of course technology is at the root of everything working smoothly. If you have an IT department, yet need help with special projects, ongoing support, or urgent problems that arise, we can be there to act as an extension of your team. If you don’t have an internal IT staff, we can work remotely or in person with stakeholders to solve problems they encounter.

Managed Services:

Managed Service plans give businesses a predictable workstation and server environment where all the critical services on complex systems are regularly updated, running without faults, and tracking trends in resources before they reach a critical fault. We regularly monitor our customers’ environments and use that information to proactively respond.

Security Audits and Penetration Testing:

As the security landscape continually changes, supplying certification to your customers that you’re working in a best-in-class, secure environment can mean the difference between getting and keeping customers. We can work with your team to prepare for security audits, conduct the audits, and provide penetration testing results confirming your system’s security.